Promised Land or Pandora’s Box? Bullets made on demand

Here’s a link to the latest ripple in the 3D printing Make On Demand shockwave that is growing by the week: gun parts manufactured using off-the-shelf 3D printers.  I predict that in less than a decade guns will become disposable items that are printed as needed and then melted down. Gun shows will consist of nothing more than arrays of 3D printers cranking out whatever consumers want to buy, or selling the latest gun STL files to attendees. How will “owner” registration be handled?  Background searches? Export and import licenses? How will law enforcement protect the public from the perennial crop of Angry Young Men seeking to cause as much chaos as possible? Watch This Revolution–the decentralization of manufacturing and the evaporation of the factory economy of scale–is both invigorating and frightening. As Edmund Gwenn pondered in the movie Them in 1954, “When Man entered the atomic age, he opened a new door. What Man will eventually find behind that door, nobody can predict.” -Glenn Roberts 1/18/2013

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