Anthrax by Fax

The Third Wave, to borrow a phrase from Alvin Toffler, for 3D printing–better styled as “additive manufacturing”–will be the production of living things. Assuming we know what the word “living” actually means. Will humanoid robots be “alive”? Are viruses alive? … Continue reading

Predicting the Future

I have been writing for some time about the implications of 3D printing with the result that some of my articles posted here at have been re-printed in various places on the Net under other persons’ bylines. If you … Continue reading

The Make-On-Demand Tsunami

Nothing remains to be discovered, you say? Manufacturing has fled America, never to return? Wrong, and wrong again. The U.S. is in the midst of a seismic shift that portends dramatic changes in social organization, personal values, economic growth, and … Continue reading